Repair & service of light, sound, laser equipment, DJ-equipment, special effect generators, moving heads, colorchangrers, lidhting fixtures, CD/DVD-players, mixers, acoustic cabinets, amplifiers etc.


We provide services of warranty repair for distributor companies of professional equipment for show business. Make sure your products'll have proper tech. service in our country.


46, Kosvenaya str., Odessa, 65091, Ukraine.
Tel.: +38 067 557 34 85
Fax.: +38 048 714 55 77

Art Service ─ The First Ukrainian Service Center for Professional Equipment for Show Business

ART SERVICE is a Service Center Company. It was founded in 1992 as a basic workshop on repair and maintenance of professional lighting, sound and laser equipment, as well as equipment for special effects. The ART SERVICE ‘s quality of service is high due to 15 years of experience and professionalism of the technical staff, trained at manufacturers of professional equipment. ART SERVICE equipped with modern repair and diagnostic equipment. ART SERVICE has a warehouse of the most popular operating spare parts that significantly reduces repair time. We provide professional warranty repair of following manufacturers equipment: Ortofon, Stanton, L’ACOUSTICS, VERLINDE, SGM, Ohm, SELECON, Antari, KABUKI, Pioneer pro DJ, LDR, ETC, ROBE, Technics, CR-TEC, PANI, PSL, FBT, SANYO, MBN, TBF, TEKO, Air Show.



We serve


ART SERVICE offers a range of services, which you will always be assured that your equpment does not let you down at the crucial moment.

Our specialists carry out maintenance, repair and adjustment of equipment at the customer premises.

Carrying out non-standard repair - troubleshooting related to improper use, excessive voltage, pouring liquid, etc.

Installation and connection technology is responsible process, from the correctness of which depends the future quality of equpment, and in certain cases  the safety of its owner. It is very important to specialist during the connection has complied with all established technical standards and use high quality materials. In addition, if the connection is broken by a number of parameters set by the manufacturer of machinery, the latter has the right to deprive the buyer of the possibility of warranty.

ART SERVICE Service Center provides services for warranty repair companies, distributors of professional equipment for show business.

ART SERVICE - a high quality service in a short time.


We repair

  • Moving heads
  • Smoke generator
  • Spotlights
  • Lighting effects
  • Strobe Lights
  • Acoustic cabinets
  • Amplifiers seo blog
  • CD and DVD players
  • Vinyl Player
  • Mixing consoles
  • Dimmer units
  • Remote control light
  • Generators snow, foam, wind, fire
  • Equipment for disco
  • Repair Light
  • Repair of sound
  • Kiev, Odessa,
  •  In Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine